Biotechnology for healthy food

The project proposes a research on microbial bioprocesses based on the role and behavior of the intestinal microbiota. Its objective is to obtain fermented foods and microencapsulated, probiotic, postbiotic and symbiotic ingredients (probiotics + prebiotics), with beneficial effects on the regulation of intestinal microbiota, obesity and the prevention of inflammatory processes. Some of the innovations of international scope proposed by the project are the microencapsulation of probiotics capable of overcoming the intestinal tract and being released in the areas with the greatest effect, the production of postbiotics, which would avoid the need to work with live microorganisms or the evaluation of the symbiotic effect of the combination of postbiotics with a prebiotic such as olive polyphenol

The main function of the intestinal microbiota is metabolic, degrading the undigested carbon and protein residues in the small intestine, giving rise to short chain fatty acids and others that modify the intestinal pH, favoring the absorption of trace elements. In addition, it contributes to regulate the metabolism of cholesterol and constitutes a contribution of extra energy to the body, while synthesizing vitamins and metabolizing toxic substances. In addition, the microbiota forms part of the intestinal barrier, preventing the nesting and penetration of pathogens, and modulates the immune system. It has, therefore, a great impact on our health. In fact, it has been observed that deviations from the normal state of the microbiota could be a cause, or at least a factor, of metabolic, immune or degenerative diseases.

Fermented foods and probiotics are gaining interest in recent years for their potential health benefit, most of them related to their influence on the gut microbiota. However, there are still important challenges to solve in order to develop and expand this type of products and favor their consumption.

On the other hand, microorganisms generate, fruit of their metabolism, elements that are of great functional interest: nutrients, postbiotics, bioactive compounds, etc,

The project aims to study and research microbiological bioprocesses both within the human body (those originated by the gut microbiota), and outside, in the fermentation of food or in bioreactors, in order to generate ingredients (probiotic and postbiotic) and foods that are beneficial to health and have a proven health effect

  • Title: Use of biotechnology to obtain healthy ingredients and food (BIOFOOD)
  • Identification Number: 0011-1411-2019-000008
  • Implementation period: July 2019-November 2021

This project has been approved and financed by the Government of Navarre in the Strategic R&D projects 2019-2021 call and it is co-financed (50%) by the FEDER funds through the Programa Operativo 2014-2020 de Navarra.

This enterprise has received a 50% co-financed grant by the European Regional Development Fund through the Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra.