Nucaps® is a European company located in Navarra (Spain). We offer a new encapsulation technology for the industrial development of Nanocapsules and Biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics.

Our international patents of bioavailable capsules with natural proteins, personalized and free of conservatives, achieve the protection and improvement of the resulting active compounds, with greater efficiency and stability.

We specialize in the safety encapsulation procedures for nutritional and health industries.

Our technical capacities allow us to personalize the products and adapt our technology for a variety of substances and uses.



NUCAPS® is a company based on the development of nanotechnology, created by a consortium comprised by the University of Navarra, a nutritional technology center (CNTA) and a Pharmaceutical company (IDIFARMA).

We managed to naturally create nanocapsules with food proteins, due to Dr. Irache’s years of investigation.

Technological partners:



  • Concept tests.
  • Lab development.
  • Pilot scale and validation tests.


  • Pilot scaling.
  • Scale-up.
  • Industrial technological transfer.


  • Lab development.
  • Pilot scale and validation tests.
  • In vivo essays and clinical tests.



Tech Staff

Juan Manuel Irache Juan Manuel Irache
Juan Manuel Irache
  • Doctor in Pharmacy, Professor (Full) Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology. Universidad de Navarra.
  • Member of the National Commission of industrial and galenic pharmacy.
  • Associate Member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy.
  • Academic of the Reial Acadèmia de Farmàcia de Catalunya.
  • Experience in formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms.
  • Specialties: Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, Nanomedicines.
  • Co-author of more than 160 international scientific publications and technical papers. He has participated in research and development of 16 patented inventions.
Carolina González Carolina González
Carolina González
  • Graduated in chemistry and Research Project Manager at a technological center: Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA).
  • MSc in Chemical Technology – Analytical Chemistry.
  • Doctoral Program in Food, Physiology and Health.
  • She has participated in 20 research and technological development projects, in 7 international scientific publications and in development of de 4 patent applications.
Ángel Ursúa Ángel Ursúa
Ángel Ursúa
  • Graduated in Pharmacy. Specialized health care.
  • Technical Manager and co-founder of a pharma company: IDIFARMA Desarrollo Farmacéutico, S.L.
  • He participated in the project INNPACTO: “Encapsulation of additives, drugs and food ingredients”.

IDIFARMA is a leading Contract Development Organization and Specialty CMO for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, carrying out all experimental, documental and advisory activities that a new or generic drug may require to obtain the Marketing Authorization. Also being an authorized pharmaceutical laboratory and a suitable industrial manufacturer for oral solid projects and it counts with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) certifications.



En Nucaps tenemos Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual en 4 familias de patentes internacionales:

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