Our company offers a state of the art technology for the encapsulation of bioactives and probiotics, based on the use of natural proteins, for oral delivery and the controlled release of active substances and/or microorganisms, improving efficacy, stability, safety and profitability.

The security of our processes make Nucaps the ideal company to develop encapsulation services, providing a better quality and more profitable service for the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Our technical team and investigators design and personalize the processes of nanocapsules adapted to each active and application.


We offer development and tech transfer services for encapsulation processes.

Including lab development, concept testing, validation assays and industrial transfer when required.

  • For food industry, our technology allows the opportunity to create improved, safe and natural new products.
  • For nutrition industry: clean label, no allergens, no conservatives and not genetically modified nutraceutical products. Also with personalized and measureable efficiency.
  • We offer the pharmaceutical industry ways of ensuring the bioavailability of the pharmaceuticals and permit their controlled liberation.
  • In cosmetics we are able to control the liberation of aromas and the stability of emulsions.


Contract Manufacturer Officer for microencapsulation.

  • Consumer demand.
  • Development of the suitable matrix.
  • CMO Service.

Nucaps technology allows us to convert any substance in a dry fine powder composed of the obtained nanoparticles.

It can form a stable suspension in any liquid, even when encapsulating lipophilics.

IP Licensing

License agreement for a determined application and market.


Nucaps offers production services and the supply of nanocapsules and biocapsules.

The final product is presented as a dry powder than can be easily filled into a capsule, sachet or compressed into a pill.

It increases the solubility of the ingredient or active compound and forms stable suspensions in any liquid.

Nucaps new ingredients achieve a profitable functional improvement in relation to free actives and other dosification forms.