Inmunocaps: new project financed by the Government of Navarra


We introduce you a new project, financed by the Government of Navarra, whose name is #INMUNOCAPS. This is a solution that we have developed to boost the vaccine immune response through the use of microencapsulated probiotics.

We propose the co-encapsulation of probiotics and vaccines to create a new product for human and animal health. This product derives from the synergy between probiotics and vaccines.

The context

Sometimes vaccines do not have a good effect, due to problems with intestinal bacteria, being especially critical in the first years of life. An imbalance in the intestinal flora may predispose the immune system to not respond efficiently to vaccines.

The solution

Design of microcapsules containing the vaccine together with probiotics to help them have the proper effect.

We will collaborate with the University of Navarra. We will check the technology that we are going to develop in its vaccine against the Escherichia coli ETEC bacteria, cause of severe diarrheal diseases in the perinatal period, both in humans and animals.

We will soon tell you about the evolution of the process.