Nucaps attended a webinar organised by Ainia Centro Tecnológico

26-06-2020 · In News · #, #, #
Nucaps Capsules

Yesterday, we attended the webinar organised by Ainia Centro Tecnológico about the challenges of microencapsulation in the future and its applications on Chemistry, Pharma or Cosmetics.

  • Sensitive actives: encapsulating natural extracts instead of chemicals, microorganisms for agriculture as biocontrol agents and probiotic microorganisms for food.
  • Avoiding non-biodegradable polymers

What are the Solutions?

  • New technologies of microencapsulation: new technologies as electrostatic spray drying.
  • New equipment: multiprocessing, double encapsulation…
  • New wall materials: natural materials, biodegradable or biobased polymers, additives for wall materials.