Our employee Pablo Rosas is already a Doctor

08-08-2023 · In News · #
Image of Our employee Pablo Rosas is already a Doctor

The entire team that makes up Nucaps is celebrating. And it is that, after 3 years of hard work, our colleague Pablo Rosas is already a Doctor.

Last Friday, July 28, Pablo successfully defended the thesis “Microencapsulation of probiotics with a focus on modulating the immune response to vaccines”. A success that no member of our team wanted to miss. His research is part of the Immunocaps project, to develop a new generation of vaccines, which has allowed him to learn innovative techniques to measure the effect on health of NUCAPS encapsulates, thus contributing to the success of his research and the improvement of the effectiveness of our products.

Congratulations, Pablo!

The trajectory of Pablo Rosas in Nucaps

Pablo obtained an international mobility scholarship granted by the Government of Navarra and, after a while, was admitted to work for 3 months at Newcastle University in the team of Professor Jeffrey Pearson.