The CIRCFOOD project aims to research and develop the recovery of waste and by-products of plant origin generated in Navarra, for reuse in the food chain. The aim is to create products with high added value -antioxidants, fibers, or proteins- that can become sustainable raw materials, in addition to providing nutritional and functional properties to food products.

Valorization is a collaborative process that promotes the transition of Navarra’s agri-food sector toward a circular economy. The project consortium is made up of agri-food companies that generate vegetable by-products (URZANTE, IAN, HARIVENASA), technology SMEs specializing in the development of natural and functional ingredients (INGREDALIA, ISANATUR, and NUCAPS) and technology centers with experience in the production of ingredients and food (CNTA and AIN). With the project results, we will be able to manufacture oils enriched with olive antioxidants, functional flours with alternative proteins, or prepared foods with better nutritional profiles, all with natural, vegetable, and sustainable ingredients.

The Government of Navarra finances the CIRCFOOD project in its call for Strategic R&D Projects 2022 within the ALPES challenge.