Development, functional evaluation, and industrial applicability of new plant protein derivatives.

In the project, crops and technologies present in the region will be used to obtain foods that contain proteins with high added value in terms of health, due to their functionality, nutrient bioavailability, and digestibility, such as concentrated, hydrolyzed, and fermented proteins.

In addition to NAGRIFOOD, the project integrates two knowledge centers, the University of Navarra (UNAV) and the National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) as research leaders, along with 5 entities from the agri-food sector that cover the entire supply chain value, from primary production to food transformation and distribution. The entities participating are SANYGRAN, MONBAKE, NUCAPS, EL CASERIO and GRUPO AN, the latter entity being the project coordinator.
HIDROPEP will be developed over 3 years, having managed to be the only project approved within the call for R&D strategies 2023 in the ALPES CHALLENGE (personalized and sustainable food) and as such, it is being financed by the Government of Navarra.
The main objective is the research of new foods that include vegetable protein derivatives with high added value based on new approaches and technological solutions with application in the agri-food industry. The applicability of these derivatives in the industry and their acceptability by the consumer from an organoleptic point of view will be studied, ensuring that they are tasty, healthy, with high nutritional value, and sustainable. In addition, the project will be accompanied by gender perspective studies and market research as well as the environmental impact of the products derived from the project.

  • Title: HIDROPEP
  • Execution Period: September 2023 – September 2026