Tetra Pak partners with Nucaps Nanotechnology to accelerate food innovation in the future

10-06-2022 · In News · #, #, #
Image of Tetra Pak partners with Nucaps Nanotechnology to accelerate food innovation in the future

Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging company, on the occasion of the United Nations World Food Safety Day that was celebrated last Tuesday, June 7, announced that it is collaborating with different partners to accelerate research programs that help to address the challenges facing food systems around the world. An initiative that will open new opportunities in the areas of food availability, security, and sustainability.

In an attempt to address the challenges related to food and sustainability, Tetra Pak is partnering with different entities in France, the United States, Sweden, and Italy, among other countries, to explore different innovations throughout the food system. This includes a variety of development programs: from exploring new food categories, such as plant-based foods, to using enzymes that reduce food waste, to advancing the move to insect proteins.

As Rodrigo Godoi, VP of Processing Portfolio Management at Tetra Pak explains, “we have carried out more than 300 explorations that have resulted in more than 10 pilot projects to investigate. We encourage start-ups to come to us with their ideas and join teams from different industries to explore opportunities. We recognize the value of joining with experts from the food ecosystem, science, and engineering to help identify new solutions and address challenges intensified by changes in the food supply chain.”

Some of the announced programs include the innovation platforms Paris&Co, Smart Food Paris, and Urban Lab, in France; Italian and Swedish research universities, such as the University of Modena, Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), and Lund University; and technological start-ups such as EnginZyme Tebrito or our case, Nucaps Nanotechnology.

With this new alliance, the company will launch microencapsulated probiotics worldwide in the coming years and will enter sectors such as plant-based, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and pet food.